NYSMDA Graduates Share Their Stories

Doris Velez

I was going to Laguardia Community College for nursing, part time, and felt the program was all over the place and it took too much time to complete.  I decided to go and get something I can finish in a little amount of time. I searched online, and decided to join NYSMDA and really liked it.  

When I graduated, I had a 4.0 GPA and 100% school attendance, and I was happy because I graduated and went for an internship where the work environment was what I hoped for. After completing 200 hours, I was hired.  

The experience I had at NYSMDA was different from Laguardia because there, classes were for credits, and there were different instructors all the time. At NYSMDA classes were by hours and I had the same instructors. I concentrated and studied well, and I did well. What I learned in school I utilized at my job; I was working and I was happy. In January I will start the dental hygiene program in City Tech while working part time as a Dental Assistant.   

Doris Velez, Dental Assistant 
NYSMDA Graduate, July 2014

Evelyn Casilla

I am originally from the Dominican Republic and I’ve been assisting since 2002. A friend recommended and told me about NYSMDA, so I decided to go so that I could do specialties and get certified.  My experience with NYSMDA was very good and I had an awesome time. I liked the school because of the teachers and how they explained things, things I already knew but explained in more detail; it helped me brush up and learn a lot. The school helped me with the patient relations‐ how to speak to patients, especially ones that have physical deformities.  I’ve been working and doing oral surgeries and implantology for a year now.  I would definitely recommend NYSMDA since it helped me go into specialties, just like I wanted to. 

Evelyn Casilla, Dental Assistant 
NYSMDA Graduate, February 2014

Irma Ramos

I was a dental assistant but I was not certified. Since I wanted to get more money and enjoyed my work, I went online and enrolled into NYSMDA to get certified. They helped me a lot because the teachers I had and met were very caring, I felt very comfortable and it was a very pleasant experience. I really liked the hands‐on training because it helped a lot.  

One of the struggles I had was that I was afraid of working with patients when I first started and throughout my time at NYSMDA, I stopped being afraid and I feel that I accomplished getting over my fears. I had an internship at Brooklyn Hospital and was hired where I have been employed for 7 months. I am very happy with NYSMDA, and would recommend the school to everyone and anyone. The teachers and administrators really care and they all work together as a team, which is the most important thing to me.

Irma Ramos, Dental Assistant 
NYSMDA Graduate, February 2014

Karen Arango

I was working in retail, but not going to school. Every time I went to a clinic, I always wondered if I could become a medical assistant. I went online and researched schools and immediately decided to join the Medical Assistant program at NYSMDA. I did all the paper work and received
financial aid.  

I felt really good and loved the experience at NYSMDA. I was nervous and stressed in the beginning. We had a lot of tests during the week, and I’m not a test‐type person. However, throughout my time I became a more responsible person and felt I achieved something in my life. All the teachers I had and staff helped with any problems I had. I finished my internship with the school in May, and got hired by the physical therapist. Because of my experience, I recommended the school to two of my friends, and one of them will start next year.

Karen Arango, Medical Assistant 
NYSMDA Graduate, May 2014