NYSMDA Graduates Share Their Stories

Tarita Andrews

I went on line and looked up different schools to try to figure out exactly what I wanted to do.  I came across dental assisting and thought it would be interesting.  I found The New York School for Medical and Dental Assisting on line and liked that it looked really hands-on.  I started my program in April and found that the program was even more hands-on than I thought it would be.   My internship was in a general practice where I assisted the dentist chairside on everything from doing composites to root canals.  Graduating from The New York School was a real advantage because the dentist could see that you know exactly what you’re doing.  

Tarita Andrews, Dental Assistant
NYSMDA Graduate, November 2010

Claribel Santana

I called the school for information and scheduled an appointment with one of their admissions representatives. I liked how everything was explained to me and I got really excited when I saw how hands-on the classes were. 

I hadn’t been in school for a long time and English isn’t my first language so I thought the program might be very difficult for me but once I started it really wasn’t.  I took being a student very seriously and set a goal to be one the best students in my class.  I had to make a lot of scarifies to go to school because I had to work and go to school in the evening.  In the end, it all paid off.  I graduated as the class salutatorian.  Now I have a good job in a nice dental practice in Manhattan.  I get to meet all kinds of people from different cultures and work closely with the dentist.  It’s which is very rewarding. 

Graduating from The New York School has changed my life –– I feel like I’ve achieved something. I made the right choice and I’m on the right path. This is a good school.  The teachers work very closely with the students. They really know what they are doing and the program really prepares you for work and to be a professional.

Claribel Santana, Dental Assistant
NYSMDA Graduate, October 2010

Sandra Serva

I was going to one of the CUNY schools for human services and working part-time for minimum wage.  My grades were fine but I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere.  I went on line and checkout all the schools offering medical assisting.  The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants interested me the most.  I went to the school for an orientation and applied.  Everything was so organized.  I loved the hands-on training and my professor always made sure I was giving my best in class. 

This program really made me feel like I could do something with my life.  My internship was in an internal medicine clinic located in Brooklyn.  One week after I finished my internship the school’s placement department set up an interview for me with a Urologist in Astoria and I got hired.  It’s so interesting to work here.  I feel so much happier than I had before. This is a great school.

Sandra Serva, Medical Assistant
NYSMDA Graduate, August 2010

Aracilie King

I moved to the U.S. from the Philippines about 7 years ago. I had started in one of the area CUNY programs for nursing but found that it really wasn’t for me. I went on line to look into different types of careers in healthcare and became interested in dental assisting. I contacted The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants, went to visit and I decided to register for their next Dental Assistant Program.

The program and started in July 2010 and finished my internship yesterday.The internship was in Jamaica Queens and the dentist and the other dental assistants really encourage me.  I was never late and I never missed a day even during that bad snow storm. The practice manager pushed me to complete my 200 hours as quickly as possible because they wanted to hire me. I got hired and I’m starting later this week. I’m so excited and I am also so happy with the school.

Aracilie King, Dental Assistant
NYSMDA Graduate, February 2011

Alisha Almanzar

I found myself in dead-end jobs not making enough money and feeling low.  I knew I needed to do something.  I was always interested in healthcare so I did some research on medical careers that didn’t require a lot of time in school and decided that becoming a medical assistant would be a good move.  I compared all the schools offering medical assisting in the New York City area.  For the tuition, the New York for Medical and Dental Assistants taught more, provided more and cared more.  It was the right school for me.

I got a job with a gastroenterologist in Manhattan two weeks after completing my internship.  It’s a small practice so everything I do is very important.  I have to say, it feels really good to be needed and to feel important.  I have a great relationship with the doctor.  I do procedures all day and make the patients feel less anxious and more comfortable.  I make really good money and I think at 23 I’ve finally found my calling.  I didn’t find a job with The New York School, I found a career.  The school helped me become what I am today, a confident and strong woman.

Alisha Almanzar, Medical Assistant
NYSMDA Graduate – March 2010

Luis Carrasco

I was a press operator in the printing industry for 8 years and with the weak economy, I got laid off.  I’m 27 and married so suddenly thinking about a different career wasn’t easy. I started to look into healthcare careers and into different schools to see what each had to offer.  I came across The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants and it really got my attention. I sent them an email, got a call back and went to visit.  I liked it. I liked the environment and I especially liked the fact that I would have one teacher throughout the program.  The teacher made learning fun.  She always made what we were learning relatable.

My internship assignment was in a multi specialty practice in Manhattan.  Everything I learned in school made even more sense during the internship.  I looked forward to doing something new everyday and it was really exciting working in the different specialty areas.  The practice coordinator liked the way I was working and they liked my initiative.  When I completed the internship they hired me right away.  How exciting is that?

Luis Carrasco, Medical Assistant
NYSMDA Graduate, October 2010

Promise Moody

I have to tell you about my experience with the New York School starting with admissions and going all the way through to placement..  The admissions experience was really different at this school than the others I had contacted.  First of all at the New York School, there was no pressure to enroll which I felt clearly in the other schools I visited.  It was genuine and real which made it the school for me.

My instructor had the reputation of being one of the toughest in the school. You know what, this paid off enormously.  When I completed the program I met with one of the Placement Advisors to discuss what specialty I wanted my internship in, what kind of hours I was looking for and what location would suit me best.

The internship assignment I was given in OB/GYN was exactly what I wanted and the hours and location were perfect.  The practice manager offered me a full-time position as a medical assistant when I was just 100 hours into the internship.  I went on the payroll as soon as I completed my 200 hour internship.

Promise Moody, Medical Assistant
NYSMDA Graduate, July 2010